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Relativity of One-Night Stands

by John Max

Which brides should you be focusing on in order to take the fastest route to a one-night stand? If you want to get a quick one-night stand while using the least amount of effort possible, focus on these brides:

Groupies of a skill you have

This was really interesting for me. I dated a girl that was intent on making me wait for sex. That's not what's interesting. What was interesting, is that while we were talking one day, I asked her about one-night stands. I'm not the type of guy to get jealous and she knows it, so she gave me an honest response. If she ever ran into a certain musician, she'd have a one-night stand with him.

Keep in mind that this girl was the type of girl to make guys wait on sex, and I believe she only had sex with two guys before she met me. That's not my point, my point is that she caused me to look at some of the girls I slept with quickly because of a skill I had.

There are the girls that slept with me because they thought I was the funniest guy they ever met, and then there are the girls that slept with me because of the blog. I remember meeting one of the girls and talking to her after we had sex. She had traveled to come see me and she said she was absolutely bent on having sex with me ASAP simply because of my blog.

Think about this: Cheerleaders sleep with football jocks quickly; rock groupies sleep with rock stars quickly; comedy groupies sleep with funny guys quickly. My point? Do you honestly think these types of girls would sleep, with let's say, a NASCAR driver quickly?

And that's my point. If you go after girls that are fans of something you do, then you're going to be able to sleep with them a lot faster than girls that don't really care for a talent or skill you have.

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Brides who want your lifestyle

This is something that I get on Misha about from time to time. You wanna fuck girls quickly, then don't go where you normally go. The girls there already have your lifestyle, so it's not really going to factor in when they consider whether or not to sleep with you quickly.

However, go somewhere girls are on the outside looking in, then they'll be all over you. When you go to a lower scale club and you take these girls to a fancy classy club, these girls will sweat you hardcore.

The same goes for brides who have a boring life and don't get out much. Bring them into your party lifestyle, and they'll also sweat you hardcore. My point is that you have to go after the girls that are on the outside looking in, not girls that are already in.

If these girls are on the outside looking in, then you already have an advantage over the guys they're use to dealing with that don't really have the lifestyle you have. In order to keep you, or keep hanging around you, these girls are more likely to sleep with you very quickly. And these girls love to brag to their friends about a guy who has the lifestyle the guys their friends have to choose from don't have.

Simply be hot

Self explanatory. Looks don't matter? Fuck you. Read the Mahal series. Her and all of her friends? All over me simply because of looks. Cornfed and her friends? Those girls called me hot so many times that I felt like I was obligated to stick my dick down their throats just to get them to shut up. Even after I already fucked Cornfed, and her friends knew I fucked her, they were still coming after me.

The point here, is to go after brides that are use to dealing with guys that are a step below you in the looks department. Cornfed doesn't really go out during the school year, so she doesn't have a lot of access to hot men. The same goes for Mahal.

And the same goes for just about every chick I meet that lives in the suburbs. All of the hot men are taken, so when they run into a hot guy that is actually available, they hit on him non-stop and place their bid. And a lot of these girls will sleep with you quickly in order to secure their bid.

These are three types of brides you should be focusing on if you want brides who will sleep with you quickly. Notice that these girls aren't slutty, but it's more of a value thing. I believe this is why one type of guy can get away with saying and doing things that other men can't. Everything is relative.