Response Law

Verse on Power

by Jim Mall

Power. What is power?

Money. Does money equal power?

No. I’ll tell you what equals power. Being at the top of whatever your field is. When you’re the best of the best, you attract followers. And with followers, comes leverage. And leverage? No amount of money can buy true leverage.

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I need only state the Chinese Revolution as evidence of this true power I speak of. Mao Zedong had no money. All he had was leverage, from his followers, who followed him because of his ability to be the best in his field. No amount of money could take away his leverage. That’s true power, and that’s exactly what brides are attracted to.

When I was younger, I wasn’t the best-looking guy, but I could fight really well, and I was funnier than just about anyone I knew at the time. I had several friends, several followers. People laughed. People feared. The brides came.

My point is, a lot of you have the ability to gain power, but you just don’t realize it yet. You’re blinded by the false power known as currency. When you go after something, strictly for the financial gain, and the financial gain alone, you limit your ability to be the best at something you’re actually talented at.

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I’ve done it. I have my insurance license, several computer certifications; I tried pharmacy, construction, city planning, business school, just to name a few of the fields I tried. I did it all for the money, and sank into an ocean of mediocrity. It wasn’t until I stuck with what I loved, writing, that I regained my true power.

What you’ll find, is that just about every field, every talent, has brides that want to be with the best. Yes, even videogames. And how can you attract those brides if you’re only mediocre?

You want true power? You want the brides that come with true power? Do what you love, and become the best at it. What do you gain? Happiness. And the brides that come along with it.


Figure out what your talents are

Develop your talents

Ascend to a leadership position that is related to your talents (Become one of the best)


Write down your talents, ask yourself how you can improve them, and take action.


Continuing to use Mao Zedong as our example, how did he gain his power? Why did the people follow him? For one, he started at the bottom. He was right there with his soldiers, marching ten thousand miles, while dodging gunfire, and living off of the land. Everyone respects someone who went through it all, was where they were at some point in time.

That’s the first principle. If you want respect from your followers, then you have to earn it. Having power given to you without earning it is only a recipe for disaster. Sooner or later, the people will despise and dethrone you. If you have earned their respect, they will follow you to the ends of the earth.

What else was an intelligent move on his part? He followed disruptive theory. What is this? It’s when then market is oversaturated with too much of a type of product, or when a market segment is underrepresented. In his case, the majority of China, the poor, were underrepresented, and the market was oversaturated with the party representing the rich.

To use a simpler example, let’s look at the videogame market. You had Sony and Microsoft with their Xbox and Playstation brands. Nintendo knew that they couldn’t take these giants head-on anymore, due to over-saturation. What did they do? They went after the underrepresented market, your females and older people who just wanted a simple way to access videogames. The results? Nintendo is now the market leader once again.

So, when trying to gain power, use disruption theory to your advantage. Don’t do what everyone else is doing, but instead, create your own field, or specialty. Ask yourself “Is there an underrepresented market, and if so, can I create a product to represent it?”.

This theory doesn’t just apply to gaining power, it applies to attracting brides as well. I’m not going to go into details, but think in terms of supply and demand. Too much of one type, and the demand for the opposite rises.

Disruption theory and starting from the bottom. The first gains you power, and the second makes sure that you keep it. Remember, you gain power by doing something different, and people will respect you for earning it. Follow that path, and you become a legend.


In your quest for power, you are sure to come across enemies who will try to expose your weaknesses. So, what do you do? You expose them, let your weaknesses be known. By exposing them, you know what target your enemies are going to aim for.

Mao Zedong knew that the nationalist party would destroy him if he met them head on. He simply didn’t have the weapons to compete. Instead, he exposed his weakness, the lack of a professional army, and the lack of heavy machinery. What did this do? It allowed his army to blend in with the locals, striking fast and then disappearing. And all of a sudden, there was no target to hit. Welcome to the birth of modern guerilla warfare.

Nintendo used the same tactics. It exposed that it’s Wii system was severely graphically underpowered when compared to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 systems. However, this gave Nintendo an advantage, its Wii was cheaper to produce as a result. The Wii’s price point allowed it to tap into the market that simply wasn’t going to spend a huge amount of money on a videogame system.

In the end, Microsoft and Sony just couldn’t get a hold of Nintendo’s new market, no matter how much more powerful their systems were. This market didn’t care about graphics, but rather, price and simplicity. Nintendo’s disruptive gamble had paid off.

And finally, I can say that I have used the same tactic of exposing my weaknesses. I openly post my failures on the blog, giving my would-be enemies no target to successfully attack. And when I use to street fight, I knew that I was skinny and could be tackled easily.

However, I used this to my advantage. I would provoke my enemies to come charging at me. And the result? While they were diving down towards my legs, they were met with a swift uppercut, oftentimes resulting in shock and a lot of blood. And before they could regroup, I would attack them relentlessly, destroying my attacker.

Your weaknesses? Your weaknesses are only weaknesses when you fail to use them to your advantage. Expose them, and you will know which targets your enemies are most likely to attack. Ready yourself for this attack, and destroy your assailants.